Wilmslow Estate Planning Solution

Our adviser team in Wilmslow help local residents understand how to plan for their families financial future.  There are lots of “threats‘ to a families wealth, some of which you may not even have considered.  Our advisers talk through your family circumstances and outline what plans you can put in place to minimise these threats.  look at the table below, had you considered some of these things?

Wilmslow Personal Estate Planning Options and Benefits Basic wills only Wills trusts and LPA’s Lifetime trust, wills and LPA’s
Avoid the cost / delay of intestacy Yes Yes Yes
Appoint executors of your choice Yes Yes Yes
Appoint guardians of your choice Yes Yes Yes
Ensure your wishes are respected No Yes Yes
Avoid sideways disinheritance No Yes Yes
Delays children’s inheritance Yes Yes No
Avoid the cost of probate No No Yes
Avoid Probate delays min 6 months No No Yes
Avoid inheritance tax in children’s estates No No Yes
Avoid family wealth being diluted if a child divorces No No Yes
Avoid wealth dilution in the event of a beneficiary’s financial hardship No No Yes
Protect family wealth for up to 125 years No No Yes
Allow you to nominate trusted persons No Yes Yes
Avoid costs & delay of a deputyship order No Yes Yes
Avoid loss of control of a deputyship order No Yes Yes
May mitigate social care fees after first death* No Partial Yes

A Trust gives you the maximum control and protection, to ensure only your bloodline decedents benefit from your death.  Book a FREE and confidential review today with our team of specialist advisers.

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