If you have taken your retirement plans into consideration yet then this is definitely something that you should do as soon as possible. Here at Assured Wealth and Estate Planning, we can connect you with a professional Wilmslow IFA who will work with you to get your retirement plans sorted. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your later life without worrying about your financial situation.

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    But aren’t financial advisors expensive and reserved mainly for six-figure earners? No, not at all… Financial advisors are just as necessary for a low-income earner as they are for a six-figure earner. With regards to the expense of a financial advisor, well just think about how much you would save. Can you really afford not to utilize the services of an independent financial advisor?

    Retirement planning is extremely important especially now since the life expectancy is increasing all the time, and currently the cost for a year of care in the UK is approximately £47,000 per year. Could you afford that without proper planning? For most people, the answer is unfortunately no.

    It’s best to get started with your retirement plans as soon as possible because there might a number of options that you want to consider in order for you to get the best possible outcome. For example, you might want to take advantage of certain pension plans, investment schemes, maybe even a buy-to-let property.

    Since there are so many different ways to approach retirement planning, it’s paramount that you don’t only act as soon as possible, but that you also get professional advice from an independent financial advisor (IFA). A Wilmslow IFA can advise you on every financial product that there is to take advantage of, this means that you’re going to get professional and unbiased advice that can really help you with your retirement plans.



Many of us don't like it, but finances are a huge part of our lives now. There simply isn't a lot that a person can do without capital. This is why it's so important to have a proper financial plan in place and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to get done and how accessible it is no matter what your income or financial situation is like.

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    We can connect you with a Wilmslow Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) who will be able to offer you professional and unbiased advice when creating your financial plan. There are many types of plans that can be created but one of the most popular is a cash flow management plan.

    A cash flow management plan can be an invaluable addition to your life, and there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t have one. These plans will take your financial situation into account and tell you exactly what you need to do in order to live the life that you want to live.

    Cash flow management plans will plan up to the date when you’re 100 years old (if you’re lucky enough to live that long!) and really do take a lot of factors into consideration. For example, changes in your income will be reflected, as will possible deaths of family members, unexpected expenses, and much more.

    These plans really do need to be quite detailed in order to be effective, so it’s important to get proper professional advice from a Wilmslow IFA. IFAs are the best solution because they have extensive knowledge of finance and can offer you advice on every financial product on the market; all of the advice that you are offered will be completely unbiased.

    Contact Assured Wealth today to get started with your cash flow management plan and live the life that you really want to live!



For the vast majority of us, our home is the most expensive purchase that we will ever make. The unfortunate thing about this is that we often overlook the amount of advice that is on offer relating to purchasing a home or getting a mortgage.

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    Before you get a mortgage, there are a vast number of things that you should take into consideration to ensure that you are getting the best deal. By utilizing the services of a Wilmslow IFA, you can rest assured that you are going to get the best possible outcome when it comes to your mortgage.

    A Wilmslow IFA can help you with pretty much every aspect of your mortgage, whether it’s looking for the best rates, deciding on the duration of the mortgage, or just about anything else! Many people assume that financial advisors are too expensive but this simply isn’t true, it would be much more expensive to not use the services of a financial advisor when you consider how much you could save in the long-term.

    When it comes to your mortgage, there are three main aspects that you need to take into consideration, these are:
    1. Repayment or Interest Only? – Interest only might seem quite appealing to you, especially if you want to keep your monthly repayments as low as possible. However, you won’t actually be paying off your debt, you’ll only be paying the interest and will still have to pay the debt off at the end of the term.
    2. Fixed Rate or Variable Rate? – Now that you have decided whether you want to go with a repayment or interest only mortgage, you need to decide whether you want your interest to be fixed rate or variable rate.
    3. Duration of Mortgage – A longer term might be more appealing to you if you want to keep monthly repayments low, but this means that you’re going to be paying the debt off for longer and the interest is going to be higher as well.



If you've been thinking about your finances recently then you should also think about your estate, and what's going to happen to it when you're no longer around. This is something that many people don't take into consideration, but they definitely should.

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    Your estate is obviously going to be extremely important to you, and if you don’t go through a proper will and estate planning process then your assets might be lost to the government. Wouldn’t you much rather decide exactly how your estate gets distributed amongst your closest friends and family members?

    A Wilmslow IFA can help you with this process and can make sure that you’re on the right track when it comes to your estate planning. It’s actually much easier to create your will than you might think…

    When it comes to your estate, it’s always best to go through with the proper estate planning process and get your will created. This will ensure that your assets go to the people you want them to go to, and won’t go to the ownership of the government by default.

    A Wilmslow IFA can help you create your will and appoint nominees who you trust to carry out your will, you can also appoint guardians to look after the assets for young children until they get older. Many people think that the estate planning process is very basic but this isn’t true at all, you’ll even be able to reduce the amount of inheritance tax that will be payable.

    Without a will that’s valid and up-to-date, you won’t have any say in where your assets and whole estate go; so having a will and going through the proper estate planning process is invaluable. You’ll get to determine exactly where your estate is going to go when you’re no longer around, and can distribute it as you see fit to your closest friends and family.

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