Wilmslow Personal Trusts

Wilmslow Personal Trusts

Do you need a Wilmslow personal trust? It is often used to protect people’s homes, which is most peoples’ biggest asset. It means that if you die, your home can be passed onto your children or spouse straight away. It protects the house from the risks of extra costs or delays if certain circumstances arise, such as:

  • If your spouse or partner remarries after your death
  • If you or a beneficiary are declared bankrupt
  • If you pass your house onto a person who receives certain state benefits – inheriting property outside of a trust can stop these from being paid
  • Delays during the process of probate, which are mitigated if the home is held in trust
Wilmslow Family Trust

Wilmslow Family Trust

Our Wilmslow financial advisers go through the whole of your family tree with you. You can point out where the relationships are, and who you would like to inherit your assets after you die. We can carefully navigate the potential pitfalls together and make sure we have selected the right trust to suit you.

There is complex legislation and a number of rules around how Wilmslow Personal Trusts may be used. They are not appropriate for everyone, and there is no “one size fits all” solution. We can help to match up the trust to your personal desires for who will inherit after you pass on.

Personal Trusts Wilmslow

Personal Trusts Wilmslow

Do you need a personal trust Wilmslow? One may help you if:

  • You do not want your family to have to pay a large inheritance tax bill
  • You do not want your family put through unnecessary turmoil
  • You do not want your home to have to be sold to pay for your care in old age

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